SOC365H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Nuclear Family, Social Forces, Orgasm

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Insight: takes apart heterosexuality, he constructs it and makes us see it in new ways. **heterosexuality as an institution** very strange when we think about heterosexuality (two people in opposite sex hook up) Heterosexuality as a series of sexual acts. There are something more systematic and social about heterosexuality. Heterosexuality involves a series of practices that are socially constructed. these practices occur and reoccur in systematic ways such that we might call it an institution. Heterosexuality is not being referred to in any biological sense. Heterosexuality is not simply an act of behaviour between men and women. System, meaning that it comes with certain rights and obligations, there are certain norms attached to it (marriage norms, domestic division of labour etc. ) Heterosexuality as a social system in a sense that it comes from a certain rituals, and economic arrangements which include legal obligations. It is elevated into a kind of system of relations. Heteronormativity similar to heterosexuality as an institution.

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