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January 14 2013Toqueville an aristocrat looked back with nostalgia upon the achievements of the aristocratic society that preceded the french RevolutionMarx physical suffering not emphasized with Toqueville Toquevile Concerned about the atomization of society under conditions of increasing inequality Atomized individuals less of a connection with societyRelations between master and servant fates tied together relations bw master and servant in Egalitarian societycontractual relations I will continue to hire you so long as it serves my interests but when it is something I no longer want to do it ends lack of permanenceAtomization leads to lack of warmth To what extent are class and status correlatedHow much status or social prestige do I have Is it enough to know how much they earn They are more tightly bound in our society than in past societiesToqueville has little to say about class but a lot to say about status The effects of status in the way people understand themselves and interact with othersHistorical Context of The Communist Manifesto 1848A political tract written for a mass audience Things are changing radically Gets reader to believe radical change is on the way 1Slow ChangePersistence of monarchiespersistent over all of Europe King held power Persistence of old classesAssociated with monarchy still alive Aristocracy and peasantry Most people still peasants less so in Britain Britain aristocrats still constitute the wealthiest class Rise of new classesTimidslow rise of new classes So called middle class How big was the middle class In Great Britain the middle class was AT MOST 25 of the population Proletariat still minute in Great Britain PERHAPS 42Rapid GrowthUrbanization of large cities growing rapidlyTechnologyBeing developed rapidly and being applied to everyday life gas lamp and railroad 48 million railroad trips Steam engine later part of 1700sProductivityMining extraction of coal More cotton and iron more weavingCommerce17801840s world commerce increase 4X in volumeSocial structure is changing but not much Marx theorizes about what happens when you combine growth with immobile social structure Marx sees capitalism emerging aristocracy no longer dominates new Bourgeoisie Analogy comparison parallel Drawing a parallel bw 2 phenomenaIdea is that eventually growth in the economy is no longer contained in the boundary of social structure Birth of capitalism out of feudalism Developments of capitalism will no longer be containable and Socialist society will emergeMarx believes that through careful logic we are able to3Uncertainty over the future ofCapitalismMonarchiesBelieved in freedom of press etc Trying to get rights in face of monarchiesNationalismAnyone who wanted these political units to be combined into a singular unit Pope no longer in charge Losers to the bargain meant to be a leftistSocial order4Reading The Communist ManifestoMarx and Engels commissioned to write the manifesto Revolutions after it was publishedMarx praises the tremendous revolutions by the bourgeoisie but this has led to liberationIndustrial and democratic revolutions2 revolutions held separate but Marx believes that the industrial revolution leads to the democraticREADINGS FOR NEXT WEEKMarx avoids moral condemnation of British Imperialism WHY does he not engage in moral condemnation In the communist manifesto he tries to stir up the emotions of the reader so WHY doesnt he do that with IndiaMentions India is a society wcomplex systems of irrigation Absence of moral condemnation and passionOrientalism Edward Said the orient depicted as barbaric terrifying idyllic dream like the orient is degenerate place where some ppl give into lust Inferior to the West uncivilized backward The orients need to West to be redeemed or saved Peasant was almost invisible to the aristocrat Marx is a prisoner of the culture of his day Q What is the way is which ppl organize production in IndiaWay which Marx talks about relationshow presence of british disruptedWhat was the diff bw the British conquer as opposed to previous Answer on pg 666or 662 What does Marx say will happen to the caste663 Civilization
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