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University of Toronto St. George
Irving Zeitlin

th Weber greatest social scientist of 20 century verstehen Positivism means a positivist use same method for physical science as for human beings also empiricist not always Weber antithesis pf positivitsm we need distinct method for study of human beings Versten and sociomodel versteve means understanding and sociology means interpretive sociology All historicalsciences historical interpretion method such as black holes interpret Stidy planets or the stars not concerns with subjective states no subjective states but human beings and relns need to concern with subjective states, meaning motives Highly positicst behavior school of psychology behavourism refuse to talk about mind body consciousness and goals rather talk about ghosts Billard balls causes of movement external humans predominately internal and subjective in the form of motivations goals and aspirations here because of aspirations Speak of goals and motives are casues of are actions here pulled by the future Follows from that not only goals casues but have definite consequences discusees epistemology famous empoircits hume and tran to kant objects are of thought nor self concept and mind they are all objects of thought not physical or ontological existence but neverless they are real, test it someone says something and it hurts offensice self concept Weber study of prot ethic and capital is bases of versterhen earliest capitalist indust and entrep were predom protestants asthetic, deny themselves certain pleasures for higher moral purpose ghandi not eating making a point, refers to asthetic form of pro, not hedonistic is one who pursues pleasure, peasure is part of being happy pleasure alone fill a sieve, understand why they were asthtic and motivted by asthitc relreligioustives apply a historical interpret method weer advocated to origins of pro reform of martin luthrt and calvin Prot reformatiom. Before luther 16 , dom form of Christianity was catholic menaing universal it aspired to be, weber works compatable with marx and not a repudiation, nor idealistic repuditaon of marx materialism, quote from marx preface, prot began martin luther triggeed crisis was visit to rome, pope, saw rome corruption, simony which bishop would buy positions and not buy they would assassinate the incumbent to take over, addition sale of indulgences, agent of church tissel Europe sell indulgences which was paper u payed for and well to do stated u would avoid purgatory and damnation, sale of relics of all kinds, pices of original cross, casts, not the worse main reason really was theological
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