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SiQ Ch 22

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Sheldon Ungar

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SiQ ch 22 – Mass Murder: What Causes It? Can it be Stopped?
-the mass killing of civilians may be part of a regime’s repression of its own
subjects, or it may occur through ethnic or political cleansing, or through wars,
which blur the distinction bwtween combatants and civilians and produce massive
civilian casualties
-the period from 1942-1950 brought two major changes. It replaced European
colonialism with “nation-states supposedly embodying “rule by the people” and
it made wars between Great Powers too lethal to be rational. These changes have
lead to the following results:
-interstate and colonial wars have declined, interstate wars have almost
-the last imperial power, the United States, has continued bombing and shelling
-civil war and ethnic cleansing increased in new, supposed “nation-states which
lacked agreement on the “true nation or people
-terrorism has recently grown. Terrorism is defined in terms of deliberate targeting
of civilians by small groups.
-Only when the last empire abdicates or is destroyed will it be possible to create an
international order with greater chances of reducing mass killing.
Can the global human right movement prevent serious violations?
-the number of nongovernmental groups devoted to the cause has increased, the
human-rights budgets of donor agencies have grown, and media usage of the term
have skyrocketed
-widespread killings have occurred in bosnia, Rwanda, Burundi and other
countries, often in full view of global sudiences sympathetic to human rights
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