SOC101Y1 Midterm: SOC101Y1 Tutorial

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17 Mar 2016

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Make sure to: use subheadings, put your ta and tutorial group name on the title page (yuki, Times new roman size 12: except cross tab and coding scheme. 7. 5 - 8 pages: do not go over the page limit, do not go under the page limit. This is where you orient the reader to the rest of the paper: state the methodology, topic, research question, and the main. 1 page: you should draw on the annotated bibliography that you all worked o collaboratively to write this section. This section shows, in your own words, what other sociologists have already found about your research topic: you should use at least 3 sources, check out kristies"s workshop on writing lit review. In this section you should explain: units of analysis (news articles, criteria of inclusion, variables, how the categories in the coding scheme were developed, particularly if they changed.

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