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Jooyoung Lee

SOC 395H: Sociology of Hip Hop Midterm Study Guide Dear Students, Here is the midterm study guide. Please remember that this is only a guide and not a substitute for reading. In order to do well on this midterm, you will need to read and critically think about the texts that we have covered thus far. Also, please review your notes from class. These will also help you out. Similarly, as described in class, the midterm will be a combination of short answer questions (for which you should write 1 succinct paragraph) and a longer essay response (for which you should write a response that is organized into an introduction, body, and concluding paragraph). While the number of paragraphs in this bigger essay may vary, it is important that you have a central thesis or argument that you introduce, weave throughout the rest of your paper, and return to in the conclusion. C.Wright Mills What is the sociological imagination? How might the sociological imagination help us examine Hip Hop? Howard Becker Why is art collective activity? How is this perspective different from other ways of thinking about art? H.Samy Alim What is hiphopography? How is it different from other methods of studying Hip Hop? Tricia Rose I
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