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Joseph Bryant

th March 9 , 2011 SOC 250 Religion and War violent struggles between people and states Religious values, beliefs, practices and their social articulation: in politics, in kinship, economics and education...and in WAR Religion is often deeply implicated in group conflicts and violence: Religion as a primary identity marker in all violence and war 1) Religion and groupethnic identity [catholic, protestant, JewMuslim etc] 2) Conflicts over sacred space [ the holy land, demolition of Babri mosque in Ayodhya, said to be a Ram temple site, expropriation of aboriginal sacred places etc]Extremist Hindu nationalist claimed mosque placed on site of Hindu temple Ram. Aboriginal Canadian struggles with other Canadians over sacred lands and territories..Mohawk apprising partly trigerred by nonaboriginal community to expropriate aboriginal sacred land 3) Religion as institutional and cultural powerprivilege forms of religious-based domination and discrimination [religion and law, education, norms and values etc] Dominant religion groups institutional and cultural control of norms, privileges and access to rewards and resources...religion can partly become source of discrimination..religion embedded in law system in such a way to privilege one group over the other or access to education or access to certain kinds of jobs.. War as a form of social action that requires divine backing, support: patron deities (diety with a special relation to power e.g. Athena patron of athen) , blessings of priests rituals to empower preliminary divination (e.g. weather favourable to war) sacred tendance of the dead claims to divine favour (god is on our side, seen commonly in modernity) Religions are either explicitly or implicitly ideologies of power because the forcebeings they worship, propitiate, are world-ordering (dominnat religion validate existing social power. Dieties worshippedreciveed honourship, reinforcing nexus there..gods validated social order, human communities paid honourship to the gpd..when a society is experiencing defat in war, it is speculated the god is unhappy and not supportive of our mission, doubts begin to rise. Gods are responsile of social order. They are world sorderly beings, what happens on earlthly level is Divines favour or disfavour) A societys kriegsethik (religion produce different type of ethics, war ethics consist of whole series of norms which is regarded as appropriate by community and religion define whats appropriate), its preferred style of collective raping, looting,
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