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Midterm prep PART1 (1st week)

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TA Kalev Hunt kalevhuntutorontocaLecture 1What sex is GreenMalefacial hair low voice defined face features no breasts broad shouldersgender cues behaves in a masculine wayThere is a lot more ambiguity and complexity about gender its not always binaryBlood test chromosomes XY male vs XX female but 1426 has XXY or XYY etc and therefore not clearly male or femaleGenitalia 12000 new born babies have unclear genitaliagenitalia is sometimes a way to define a babys sex but NOT alwaysHormones testosterone male and estrogen female but some people have much of bothThe concept of sexgender is socially constructedIt can change over time or across societies Not all societies necessarily have two sexes in Medieval Europe there was only one sex male because they believed that Adam came first and females genital is insideHow it became two sexes can be attributed to the rise of medicine medicalization of sex medicine decides and imposes a correct sex for a baby if a babys penis is less than 25cm the sex is put into a question4 elements of the sexgender binary system1Sex assignment of a child either a male or female should NOT be neither nor both so if ambiguous doctors perform an operation 2Gender identity will naturally follow3Gender roles cultural meanings4Sexual orientation should be heterosexual Maleboymasculine activities playing with trucksheterosexualtake women Femalegirlfeminine activities playing with ballerina dollsheterosexualtake menThis is believed to be a natural and normal way of lifeAny variation to this binary concept is considered sinful and immoral in religion abnormal in psychology and illegal in some societiesdeviation to the normIn other words we believe that two genders are hugely exclusive from each other and therefore they are not supposed to be combined if we violate we face cultural penaltyBut in reality there is a huge overlap between socalled two gendersFluidity of genderToday this binary system is being challengedIntersexual not necessarily surgically operatedrather a child is given a chance to choose own sex in the futureActive movements of transsexual groupsSamesex marriages in CanadaHow society shapes and influences gender Causal relations societygenderother aspects work family sexuality etcWhat is a society Cultural ideology values norms representations from art and mediaInstitutional religion law education medicine state Society always mediates between biology and our actual behaviorspractices society regulates practice
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