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Term Test Study Guide 4 Short Answer questions 2 Long Answer QuestionsConnect to L14 and 57 make larger connections to overall course content 1Import Substitution Industrial ISIwhat are the issues that emerge with the ISI model in regards to immigration and jobs How are these intimately tied to trade and how people are situated to access work 2Why is social capital important in our discussion of immigration 3What are some of the dominant explanations about low earning immigrantswhy immigrants experience low earnings as explained by Simmons Lecture 7 Long Answer and Possible SAs Long Answer 3 Low Earnings for ImmigrantsWhat are some of the dominant explanations about low earnings and why do immigrants experience these low earnings as told by SimmonsConcepts With the rise of immigration in the late 20th century this lead to more complex relationships within the workplace and increased diversity within the workplace but within job groups in the workplace they were far less diversepeople were pigeon holed into jobs based on their physical appearance Immigrants generally got the lowest paying and more intensive labour jobs Charlie Le Duffdid a series on race and immigration He talked about the racism that immigrant individuals experience across a wide range of social arenas Talks about the every exclusions that immigrants experience in the workplace on a daily basis Researched the Pork Production House in North Carolina He observed that all aspects of social integration depend on the colour of ones skinmeaning that ones skin colour played a role in the job they were assigned to and where they stood in the job hierarchy Quote the racial and ethnic lines were as sharply drawn as the knives the workers usedConnections can be made to racismleading to overt segregation within the workplace connect to Famous people discussed in previous lectureshow workers and companies were bases individuals intellectual abilities based upon their physical makeup
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