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BIO120H © Lis| Page 511  thus, ecological processes can be attributed to patterns of variation on local species richness Equilibrium Theory in Continental Communities  new species can form on large islands, thus higher species richness than only colonization  endemic species form  at higher species #’s:  extinction rate may increase if competitive exclusion increased w/ species richness  extinction rate might decrease if mutualistic relationships and alternative pathways of NRG flow buffered processes that lead to extinction  rate of speciation”  might level off once most opportunities for further had been taken advantage of by some species  increase if diversification led to greater specialization and a higher probability of reproductive isolation of subpop., eventually leading to the formation of separate new species  increased rates of speciation, decreased rates of extinction, or both lead to higher species richness at equilibrium point of diversity EXPLANATIONS FOR HIGH TREE SPECIES RICHNESS IN THE TROPICS FOCUS ON FOREST DYNAMICS  envmtal heterogeneity allows species to coexist b/c they can specialize on diff. parts of the niche space  disturbances (ex. tree falls) are imp. sou
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