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BIO120H © Lis| Page 311 Effect of Food Web Structure on Species Diversity  species diversity increases food web diversity  feeding relationships affect species diversity w/in a community  John Terborgh et al. (consumer effect on species diversity) John Terborgh  unintended predator removal in rain forests of Venezuela by dam  dam created patches – too small to support predators of the herbivores  howler monkeys, green iguanas –pop. skyrocketed  ecosystem “meltdown” occurred and affected regeneration of trees and decreased productivity and plant diversity  keystone consumer: species, often a predator, that has a dominant influence on the structure of a community, which may be revealed when that species is removed A Variety of Food Web Types  Robert Paine  described diff. types of food webs that describe diff. ways in which species influence one another w/in communities  connectedness web: a food web that emphasizes the feeding relationships among species within a community  energy flow web: a food web in which the connections between species are quantified by the flux of energy bet
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