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Idiom special vocabulary Idiosyncrasies quirkindividualizing quality or characteristic of a person or group often to express eccentricityIdeologues a set of ideas that constitutes ones goals actions and expectations a visionJacques Derrida Born July 15 1930 Developed critical theory known as Deconstruction Quote There is nothing outside of context He read Rousseau Nietzsche Camus Sartre and Joyce He read at Harvard Sorbonne and California He loved Marshall McLuhan In 1960 He taught at the Sorbonne in 1964 he taught at the Ecole Normale Superierure until 1984 Director of studies at the Ecole des hautes end sciences socialsIn 1962 he completed his first publication In 1966 he had a huge impact when he worked at an American University In 1967 He published three major works Of Grammatology Speech and Phenomena and Writing in Difference 1984 was teh beginning of another period of many publications Differancein French it means both to defer and to differTo differ 1 Distinction 2 Interposition of delay What relates the two movements of differing to one another Differance indicates middle voice It is neither a word nor a concept A graphic disorder We are logocentricONE truth one place There are different truths different roles and we are built up of differences Space and Time a words many possibilities How figurative language operates in all aspects images graphically Plato Polysemiamany meanings Deconstruction means to take it apart Trace the whiteout theory Palimpsest trace paper used to be sheep skin scrape the colour away but one could always see beneath Nowadays they do this with ultraviolet light Derrida crossed out the term being you cannot philosophise about being Signifier and signified there is no one to one correspondence between the two There is a long chain of proactive meaning chain like the rings of a book It will never be the full meaning Under Erasure never erasing them completely but never understanding the sign
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