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BIOL 150B Midterm: Bio Midterm #2 review

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John Nelson

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Modern Biology: 150B A02 Tue, Wed, Fri 1:30PM 2:20PM Engineering and Computer Science Building Room 125 Dr. John Nelson Chapter 5 Membrane Structure + Function Isotonic is the same solute concentration on each side of the membrane Facilitated diffusion takes energy to pump solute. Energy There are two different classes of reactions, Exergonic and Endergonic. There are three different types of energy. Metabolic pathways are used to break something down complex molecules. To build up energy use ATP Most of the times enzymes are made of protein, however some can be made of RNA. A specific enzyme catalyzes each reaction. Enzyme inhibition is natural, but there are many drugs that alter and trigger enzyme inhibition. Chapter 6 Aerobic Energy Harvesting All life requires energy and light Cellular respiration is energy harvesting from food molecules. 34 of the energy from glucose is transferred to ATP Redox reactions are the movement of electrons from one molecule to another. Cellular Respiration ATP can be produced three different ways , Glycolysis, Citric acid cycle, and Substrate level phosphorylation. STUDY FIGURE 6.12 Biosynthetic pathways You can also produce ATP without oxygen by using fermentation, but it does not work quite as well. STUDY FIGURE 6.16 IT IS NOT JUST CARBOHYDRATES, ALL CAN BE CONVERTED INTO ENERGY.
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