6 May 2018

1. You have the following prokaryotic DNA sequence: 5′-GGACTAGACAATAGGGACCTAGAGATTCCGAAA-3′ 3′-CCTGATCTGTTATCCCTGGATCTCTAAGGCTTT-5′ If the top strand is the template strand which sequence below is the correct mRNA transcript? A. 5′-GGACUAGACAAUAGGGACCUAGAGAUUCCGAAA–3′ B. 5'-UUUCGGAAUCUCUAGGUCCCUAUUGUCUAGUCC-3' C. 5'-CCUGAUCUGUUAUCCCUGGAUCUCUAAGGCUUU-3' D. None of the above are correct

2.Starting in the cytoplasm with a fully mature mRNA explain the process of translation initiation and then elongation and termination to me.

3.Prior to export from the nucleus, pre-mRNA must be processed. What specifically does this entail?

4.The biosynthetic pathway for the two amino acids E and H is shown schematically in the figure. You are able to show experimentally that E inhibits enzyme V, and H inhibits enzyme X. The most logical hypothesis regarding the regulation of Enzyme T would be that it is most likely subject to feedback inhibition by E alone. True or False?

5. A. kinase B. ligase C. polymerase D. oxido-reductase E. Phosphatase F. protease G. nuclease H. ATPase 1. Removes a phosphate group from a molecule 2. Hydrolyzes ATP 3. Hydrolyzes bonds between nucleotides 4. Adds phosphate groups to molecules 5. Catalyzes reactions in which one molecule is oxidized and another is reduced 6. Hydrolyzes peptide bonds 7. Joins two ends of DNA together 8. Catalyzes the synthesis of polymers such as RNA and DNA

6. Looking at the figure showing the change in reaction rate for two different enzymes that both utilize the same substrate, answer the following questions. a. What is the approximate Vmax for enzyme B ? b. What is the approximate Vmax for enzyme A ? c. What is the approximate Km for the enzyme which has a higher affinity for the substrate uM.

7. Answer the following question either yes or no (spell out the word, do not abbreviate as y or n). Looking at the following coupled reaction: Luciferase luciferin + O 2 ==========> oxyluciferin + light ∆G = + + Mg2+ ATP <=> AMP + PPi ∆G = - - - a. Based on your knowledge of free energy change and reactions would this coupled reaction occur ? b. Would changing the second step from ATP<=> AMP + PPi ∆G = - - - to ATP <=> ADP + Pi ∆G = - change your answer

7.Spontaneous reactions by definition will happen instantaneously. Why false?

8. Each of the following questions apply to the image of the channel protein. The purple sphere is a charged ion. Type your response to each question in the blank provided. a. Based you on what you know about cells and ions, what does the tri-lobed red and white molecule represent (although there aren't anywhere near enough of them shown) ? b. Since the question stated the purple sphere was a charged particle, using what you know about the tri-lobed red and white molecule what is the charge of the purples sphere c. On the extracellular space, on the right side of the purple sphere, there are two tri-lobed red and white molecules in close proximity to one another. The red of one appears to be attracted to the white of the other. What type of bond is this ? d. Based on your knowledge of proteins that interact with the membrane and the properties of the membrane, to what family of amino acids would the amino acid marked by A. most likely belong? ?

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