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ENGL 260 Final: Final Review 1

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ENGL 260
Boyarin Shamma

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Final Exam Review – English 260  The bible has shaped English literature through the creation of phrases, and through impacting authors that in turn, make reference to it.  The Christian bible o Has had a larger impact on English literature and western society than the Jewish bible. o Is comprised of the Old and New Testaments  Old Testament: o A collection of Jewish scripture o Aka Hebrew bible o Some books had Hebrew roots, others had Greek roots o Adopted by Christianity from Jewish scripture o Similar to, but not the same as the Jewish bible. (the OT has more books) o Parts:  Pentateuch (first 5 books)  Historical books  Poetical and Wisdom books  Prophetic books  The apocrypha o During the protestant reformation, they removed the non-scripture books (those that weren’t in the Jewish bible) from the catholic bible into the apocrypha. o Protestants believe it not to be scripture o Catholics believe it is scripture  New Testament: o Describes the life of Jesus and the period right after his death o Parts:  4 Gospels  Acts of the apostles  21 Epistles  Letters written by religious leaders after the death of Jesus  Revelation Jewish Bible (Tanakh) Old Testament 3-Part Division: 4-Part Division 1. Covenant Established (between Abraham’s 1. Pentateuch lineage and God) 2. Covenant Broken (leads to exile) 2. Historical books 3. Covenant Restored (return to Jerusalem + 3. Poetical and Wisdom books temple is rebuilt) 4. Prophetic books  The Vulgate th o Translated by Jerome in the 4 century from Hebrew to G
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