Anatomy and Cell Biology 3309 Study Guide - Final Guide: Hyaline Cartilage, India Ink, Osteoid

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Notes: please adhere to the guidelines explained in histology 101, which can be found under the laboratory tab on our owl site. Marks may be deducted if you do not read and follow these instructions. Lab assignment 6: bone & bone formation: explain why the matrix of bone is acidophilic, yet the matrix of cartilage is basophilic. (1 mark) The matrix of bone contains high levels of type i collagen fibers, which are positively charged, making it acidophilic. In contrast, the matrix of cartilage contains high levels of glycosaminoglycans (gags), which are negatively charged, making it basophilic: using slide mh 044 ground bone (unstained), slide mhs 202 ground bone (schmorl"s stain), or slide. Mhs 233 ground bone (india ink), draw and label five structures relevant to today s lab. (3 marks: compare and contrast the following cell types found in bone, and complete the chart: (3 marks) Form interconnected network within bone matrix to maintain calcification.