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Astronomy 1021
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AstronomyChapter 5Light and Matter51 Light in Everyday LifeLight is a form of energyThe energy that light carries is called radiative energyIn astronomy the rate at which carries energy toward or away from us is more important than the total amount of energy it carriesThe rate of energy flow is measured in watts 1W1 jsLight and ColourA prism split light into the rainbow of light is called a spectrumoThe basic colours of a spectrum are red orange yellow green blue and violetoWhite is when the basic colours are mixed pretty much evenlyoBlack is what we perceive when there is no light no colourThe primary colours of vision are red blue and green directly detected by the cells in your eyesYou can produce a spectrum with either a prism or a diffraction gratingHow do Light and Matter Interact Light can interact with matter in 4 different waysoEmission light bulboAbsorption touching a light bulboTransmission Glass allows light to pass throughoReflectionScattering Mirror52 Properties of LightNewton guessed himself that light is made up of tiny particlesoOther scientists later discovered light behaves like waves
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