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Biochemistry 2280A
Christopher Brandl

Topic 16AcetylCoA part 2 Fatty acids ketone bodies and biosynthesisReadings p436 439 444By the end of this topic you should be able toIdentify the different metabolic fates of acetylCoA and how these pathways are relatedDescribe the roles the mitochondrion plays in energy metabolismExplain in general terms how fatty acids are synthesized degraded and moved across the inner mitochondrial membrane including the reactants consumed and products created but not their stoichiometriesExplain the metabolic role of ketone bodiesDescribe how synthesis and breakdown of other biomolecules such as nucleosides and amino acids relate to the key pathways of energy metabolismPredict whicih of the pathways in this topic would be favoured under specified metabolic conditions without memorizing individual regulatorsCarbohydrates are not the only source of acetylCoA for the citric acid cycle Fatty acids from stored triacylglycerol or from the diet can be degraded and oxidized to acetylCoA When energy is needed from fat storage lipases in adipocytes degrade triacylglycerol into glycerol and three fatty acids The released fatty acids enter the bloodstream and are used as fuel in other cells such as skeletal muscle heart and liver The released glycerol is a substrate for gluconeogenesisoxidation of fatty acidsIn a cell that is using fatty acids for fuel specific transporters move fatty aci
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