Biochemistry 2280A Final: mclachlin final

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Rna: template for producing proteins (mrna, rna splicing (snrna, makes up much of ribosome (rrna, carries amino acids to ribosome (trna, regulation of gene expression (mirna) Explain the chemical structure of nucleic acid polymers, without memorizing the structures of the nitrogenous bases. N-glycosidic bond between c1 of sugar and n of base. A sugar + nitrogenous base + phosphate: e. g. *note: the oh on c2 of the sugar makes these components of rna. De-oxidized (no o) sugar + nitrogenous base + phosphate components of dna. Purines: adenine and guanine: nucleosides: adenosine and guanosine. Pyrimidines: cytosine, thymidine, uracil: nucleosides: cytidine, thymidine, uridine. Sugars joined via phosphodiester linkages between c3" and c5": 5" end: 5" carbon is not attached to another monosaccharide, 3" end: 3" carbon is not attached to another monosaccharide by convention, written 5" to 3". *note: number of possible nucleotide sequences = 4x. Where x is the number of nucleotides in sequence.

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