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Charts for Midterm 2

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Biology 2217B
Richard Gardiner

Common Scientific Name Native location Domestication Use Name Rice Oryza sativa Asia 11500 ya Cereal Corn Zea mays C America/ 5500 ya Cereal crop Mexico Soybean Glycine max China 3000 ya Legume Barley Hordeum vulgare Fertile crescent 12000 ya Cereal, gluten Wheat Triticum monococcum Fertile crescent <12000 ya Cereal, gluten Rye, triticale Secale cereal SW Asia 5000 ya Cereal, gluten Oats Avena sativa Europe 4500 ya Cereal Common Scientific Monocot Uses/ other / dicot Sorghum Sorghum bicolour Monocot Grass, C4, 4 , India/ Africa Sugarcan Saccharum spp. Monocot Grass, C4, SW pacific e Peas Pisum sativum Dicot Legume, Recent Lentils Lens culinaris Dicot Legume, Drought resistant, easily digested Chick Cicer arietinum Dicot Legume peas/ garbonzoa Cowpea Vigna unguiculata Dicot Legume, black eyed pea, Africa Groundnut Vigna Dicot Legume, Africa, replaced by peanut subterranea Common Phaseolus Dicot Legume, 100+ varieties, Central/ South America bean vulgaris 3000 ya, complementary to corn Lima bean Phaseolus Dicot Legume, dry form, Central America 7-10000 ya lunatus Many Vicia faba Dicot Legume, large/ medium/ small names, annual, from near east, animal feed Peanut Arachis hypogaea Dicot Legume, fruit matures into pod underground, lots of oil and protein, from Peru, susceptible to fungi Taro Colocasia Monocot Starch, from SE Asia, makes dough esculenta Cassava/ Manihot Dicot Starch or pearls, from S America, no protein, heat, Manioc esculenta drought, pests and acid resistant, waxed, sweet and bitter types, contains cyanide Jerusalem Helianthus Dicot Easily cultivated, protein and inulin (fructose), artichoke tuberosus tubers have no starch Arrowroot Tubers, gluten free Breadfruit Artocarpus altilis Dicot Starchy melon, texture from potato  mango Cattail Use roots, sap and shoots Bananas/ Musa spp. Monocot From Indo-Malaysia, ovaries develop without plantains pollination, seedless Apple Malus pumila Dicot First fruit tree to be domesticated Cocoa Theobroma Food of the gods, cocoa butter, different types cacao Kola tree Cola nitida W Africa, coca cola, caffeine and kolanin Tea Camellia sinensis China 4-5000 ya, black tea Fertile Crescent: peas, lentils, chick peas, wheat, barley, vetch, do
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