Biology 2382B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Clathrin, Ballpoint Pen, Protein Targeting

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Read instructions carefully: the proctors will not address questions regarding the exam. If issues arise with specific questions, they will be dealt with at a later date: completely fill in the bubbles with an ordinary lead pencil. Marks made with a ballpoint pen or felt tip marker will not be detected. Do not make stray marks and completely erase errors. Check your paper to ensure all questions are present. It is your responsibility to transfer all answers from the examination paper to the scantron sheet within the 90 minute time period: the scantron sheet must be handed in at the end of the examination. You may keep the question booklet: wrong answers will not be deducted from your score. Ldl is processed through an intermediate organelle called an autophagosome. Low ph in the endosome promotes the release of cholesterol but not apob. Low ph in the endosome promotes the release of fe3+ but not apotransferrin: during the transferrin cycle, iron:

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