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Midterm 2 Intermediate Filaments.docx

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Western University
Biology 2382B
Robert Cumming

Intermediate Filaments Assembly and Structure -Involved in cell and tissue integrity -Monomer; tetramer -Holding things in place and giving strength -Tetramers are assembled end to end and interlocked into -Not globular, no ATP or GTP needed, no polarity, no known long protofilaments proteins -Intermediate filament has 16 protofilaments -Building blocks relatively large; head, rod and tail domains -Two molecules form dimer; dimer gives rise to tetramer; head and tail side look different -Tetramer has no polarity; both sides the same; forms protofilament Keratin -Provide strength to Epithelial Cells -Associate with desmosomes and hemidesmosomes Desmin (Vimentin, GFAP) Intermediate Filaments are in a Dynamic State -Provide strength and organization to muscle cells -Essential role in maintaining muscle integrity -Polymerize and depolymerize -Mesenchymall Cell; poorly differentiated migrating cell -Not using energy (fibroblast) -Has to be dynamic because cell changes shape and function over time Neurofilaments -Regulated by phosphorylation; Kinase putAdhesionste on -Found in axons of nerve cells serine, phosphata-Proteins bind components of ECM or other proteins of Lamins -Don’t have motorother cells -Strength and support to inner surface of nuclear -Types of proteins bind to Intermediate Filaments; IFAPS membrane Cell Adhesion Molecules -Involved in bind-Gluing cells to something elsegs Can determine origin of cancer cell by type of intermediate Plectin-crosslink-Cell-Cell Adhesion Homophilic;same molecules bind both support) cells filament -Cell-Cell/Cell-ECM Heterophilic; molecule binding to
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