Biology 3594A : October 4, 2011 Lecture Notes

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Penetrance - the proportion of individuals who carry an allele and: damage does not equal mutation. Chronic in vivo: 12 birds - song/house (2 species, 4 treatments of radiation dosages, 3 time points n = 3 also carry the associated phenotype. Birds as model organisms: exposed populations and unexposed populations - located everywhere in many different environments. This is useful as well because species distributed around the world could be representative of human populations. For example, we can study the effects of radiation poisoning in birds and extrapolate these to humans. From this, we suspect issues with fertility and reproduction. Birds also had weakened immune systems and birds were dying and leaving smaller population sizes behind. Humans pose a problem as model organisms because of this: have similar physiology, cell biology, histology and dna to humans, birds are easy to catch, house and manipulate.

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