Business Administration 3300K Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Absorptive Capacity, Unit

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Moderating capability: ability to ensure that firm"s internal organisation is prepared for it-induced change (to accept & embrace it); complements the symbiotic pivoting capability at it unit level: two elements: 1) technical change readiness 2) non-technical change readiness. Operation phase: question asked during phase: how can one ensure that it will continually deliver productivity benefits to firm. Operation phase (post-implementation phase): phase during which value from it-based productivity improvements are realised: consists of activities that stabilise the system for routine operations (corrective action, maintenance, support, system upgrades) 2) knowledge synthesis to extend it"s locus of impact: using knowledge absorbed to discover new insights on how it could extend locus of impact. Structured improvising capability: firm"s ability to ensure regulated process improvements facilitated by. This paper"s framework: process framework that provides spatial and temporal perspectives for orgas to manage their it adoption to achieve firm productivity.