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Business Administration 1220E

Executive SummaryIn order for Gracie Barra London to increase enrolment for the upcoming year an effective and precise marketing plan has to be implemented To succeed GBL must overcome various marketing challenges which include deciding on the right target market to focus on advancing enrolment choosing the most applicable promotional methods that will designate to this market segment assigning the proper price points in order to maximize registration and any additional tweaks to the facility itself that will benefit the company The marketing campaign will include a complete breakdown with an analysis on how to overcome these challenges The recommendations in this marketing report are as followed GBL should pursue targeting children as they are a growing market and hold unlimited potentialAdding courses to the facility schedule including selfdefense antibullying competition training and JudoPursue the expansion of the gym for the use of physical training conditioning and staying fitKeep the prices consistent from previous years but add in new price packages for parents signing up their children and another price for people signing up for the gym onlyUse the most effective sources of promotion to create as much attention and exposure to GBLs new target market using mediums such as reaching out to grade schools and hosting an assembly to speak to children about the benefits of GBL as well as social problems in society takehome brochures so exposure to parents of children is evident and creating a stronger presence online to spark interest of parents with a new website and uptodate social networking websitesWith limited corporate capabilities due to expensive startup costs GBL must make the most impact with their limited marketing budget In order to do this efficient means of advertising will be put in place by targeting a smallscale niche market to maximize profit and enrolment GBL will promote to four elementary schools in the vicinity of their gym targeting the children attending the schools as well as the parents of the children By restricting advertisements to a specific market GBL will get the most out of their restricted finances By targeting children at a young age loyalty to the gym will be easier to create and retaining students for future years will be evident With an abundance of children expected to join the gym new mediums must be implemented in order to manage the amount of people and to retain existing BJJ practitioners at the gym In order to satisfy clients needs new classes will be offered and implemented into the GBL schedule Another means of doing this is by going through with the much anticipated gym expansion By expanding and adding a gym to GBLs facility parents will be more interested in enrolling their children and joining the gym themselves The gym expansion will also allow an opportunity for existing customers to take advantage of the new features that the gym holds Finally using the appropriate mediums to reach the target market selected will help advance enrolment at GBL Assemblies at grade schools as stated above will be the prime means of advertising to children brochures that lay out information to the parents as well as a complete website overhaul that will induce parents interest to explore GBLs company and eventually gain the commitment of enrolling their child and possibly themselves If the following steps are followed a successful 40 increase in enrolment will occur for the following yearMarketing Challenge GBL must reconstruct their marketing plan and develop an amplifying promotional system to raise a potential customers awareness of GBL To successfully reach an
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