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Business Administration
Business Administration 2257
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RANDOM REMINDERSLargeAR decrease in sales OVERVIEW OF EVERYTHINGPerform a high low if pressed for more in cash in hand DecreaseBusiness size uptime do low and make small in sales industryenviro analysischanges to match with high Large AP possibly not taking consumer analysisis payback longer than value of investment advantage of credit terms competitive analysisCHECK FOOTNOTESa large use of cash looks good i pros and cons list withBALANCE SHEET gross margins are same for high to lendersimplications and relate to for the year endingand lowROI largequestions if theresgoalsASSETSa large cash use spending corporate capabilitiesCurrent assetswarrantedfinance HR marketingCash plugOps structureARcreditsalesDaysofARARi ops net income amort360daysInventoryFinancial size upTrust fund on depositpurchasesCOGScash flowDayofAPAPIncome taxR360daysratio analysisPrepaid expensescontribution analysisTotal current assetsCOGSDaysofinventoryinventoryAssess the future opportunities360daysqualitative Capital assetsquantitative differentialyear2salesyear1salesCustomer equipmentSalesgrowth100year1salesAnalysis contri
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