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Chemistry 1027A/B
Felix Lee

Chem 1100A Test 1Saturday October 15 2011200 hours Section code 000 Exam code 000 Message from the Dean All answer sheets are subject to a common data analysis which identifies anomalies of statistical significance in the selection of right and wrong answers by pairs of students The course instructor is required to report all statistically significant results which suggest that cheating may have occurred All such incidents will be subject to further investigation All proven cases of cheating will be subject to severe academic penalties If you are currently seated near someone with whom you studied and you think you may choose many of the same answers as that person please raise your hand now and ask a proctor to reseat youThis test contains 28 multiplechoice questions of equal value Be sure you have a complete test paper Scrap paper and a periodic table are attached and they may be removed for usePlace your student ID card on your desk The only permitted calculator is a Sharp EL510RB No other electronic devices may be in your possession even for timekeeping purposes A molecular model kit is permitted but the sharing of models or model pieces is strictly forbiddenYou are welcome to keep the question booklet and any scrap sheetsProctors and instructors will not interpret translate clarify or explain questions nor will they confirm verify or assist you with your answers or your thinking Therefore you are not permitted to ask any questions related to the content of the test There is no extra time allotted for filling in the Scantron After 200 hours everyone must put their pencils down The Scantron whether completed or not will be collected Under no circumstances will this booklet be used for marking purposes The answers on your Scantron are considered to be your official answers so please ensure that you complete your Scantron accurately and prior to the end of the test Answers that cannot be read by the Scantron computer will be marked as being incorrectIf you do not leave before the last 15 minutes you must stay in your seat until you are dismissed NO TALKING IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME
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