Classical Studies 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: General Order, Manumission, Ludi

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March 17 augustan art, the roman hose/wall painting, they city of. Lyric poetry: where the composer presents his or her personal thoughts and feelings; took over from greek metres and employed them in more precise form to express themselves poetically. Came to rome in the wave of new poets" who were reacting against their elders through boozing, whoring and living it up. Had more leisure and time than catullus to put his thoughts into lines which were more graceful and artifice however having less emotion. Became civil service clerk and wrote in spare time > caught the eye of the virgil who introduced him to his own patron. 17 epodes and 103 odes in 4 books: political, satirical and love wrote the aeneid, the epic of the empire of rome and of roman nationalism (arguably most influential poem in any language unfinished) First book of elegies gave his success and popularity.

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