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All the women from lesbos were lesbians. The gymnasion was comprised of the: palaestra, gymnasion, bath house. When someone is talking about a gymnasion, it probably means the whole thing: these are separate from the stadion. Vitruvius, roman architect, 1st c. ad: wrote a kind of manual for all these buildings. Peristyle- surrounded by collondes: open courtyard w/ porticoes colonnades , the central part has no roof, the open court yard, was used for the pale, basically skamma was here. Sloping roof coming off the main building, and would be rested on the peristyle, which are the columns: they were made so they faced the north in a certain way. Exedrae- specific rooms, the larger rooms that don"t have doors that are semi-open with pillars: they were there specifically so people could sit and receive lectures. Later this whole building becomes a school house, for philosophers etc: the main one on the north was always supposed to have benches.

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