Classical Studies 2500A/B Midterm: 3.3 Classic Greek City & Athens

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Unit 3. 3 the classic greek city - the emergence of greek city & classic athens. Priene is a greek city on the coast of turkey idea of how much religion permeating political space. Late archaic period and the emergence of democracy. Perikles: leading political figure (democracy always individuals at the top) Religious space permeates all of ancient greek life (also roman) Demokratia rule of the (cid:862)de(cid:373)os(cid:863) (cid:894)people(cid:895) Athenian democracy was considered unique among greeks other poleis (polis) had different types of government: not really democratic woman, slaves and resident foreign (metics) excluded from political activities. Reform at the end of 6th century (508/7bc) created new and reformed political bodies (boucle, prytanis, Ekklesia: all required building to perform the function of governments agora. Information is from history books really important collective memory for athenians . Athenians were at forefront with spartans fighting back (ner surrender) Be(cid:272)ause ar(cid:272)hite(cid:272)ture is(cid:374)"t (cid:271)uilt i(cid:374) vacuum result of society they are.

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