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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

Excel Absolute and Relative Addressing  Automatic update of formulas during replication commands  Allows the user to enter the formulas once, then replicate them in other cells Cell Referencing  Absolute reference o Remains constant when copied  Relative reference o Adjusts during a copy operation  Mixed reference o Row or column is absolute and other is relative Relative and Absolute  Relative – default mode  Absolute - used when a cell reference must not change during replication (prefixed with $) Logical Expression and Functions Boolean Expression  Part of our decision making process – we use o Boolean variables o Relational operators o Boolean operators  Example: o If my bank balance is greater than or equal to $20and I have my ATM card then I can withdraw $20 o Boolean variable – I have my ATM card o Relational operator – is greater than or equal to o Boolean operator – and Boolean Variables  There are two Boolean values: o True and false  Boolean variables o Represent only one of these values  In the example I have my ATM card is either true or false Relational Operators  Yield Boolean results (true or false)  There are six relational operators: o Equal to = o Not equal to <> o Less than < o Less than or equal to <= o Greater than > o Greater than or equal to >= Boolean Operators  Commonly used Boolean operators: not, and , or  Not complements results of a Boolean expression  And combines two Boolean expressions  Or combines two Boolean expressions Not Operator  Not operator proceeds expression it is applied to  If expression is true the NOT operator yields false  If expression is false then NOT operator yields true AND Operator  Combines two Boolean expressions  If one or both the expressions are false then combined expression is false  Combined expression is true only when the two expression are both true Or Operator  Combined expression is true if one of both expressions are true  Combined expression is false only if both expressions are false Boolean Operators in Excel  Boolean operators predefined in excel  Expression – age is not greater than or equal to 19 would be entered as =NOT(Age>=19) in excel Logical Function  Develop a formula to calculate a sales commission  Logical function IF: o Enables decision making in a worksheet o Requires three arguments: condition (evaluated as true or false using relational operators), value if the condition is true, value if the condition is false o Selects between true or false o =IF(,,) o is a Boolean expression o
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