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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
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Page 4 are HTML TagsPage 3 are notesPage 5 are about anchorsComp Sci NotesDiane GoldsteinOffice Middlesex College Room 366HoursTuesdays 130330 or by AppointmentPhone 6612111 ext 82987Email dianeguwocamyMISlabSelf study practice multiple choice questions great practice for the major examsMicrosoft Excel and Access will be studiedAssignments are always due on a Wednesday at 6pmCommunications and Networking will be the first topic to be covered Webpages will be made as well as designing and using Excel spreadsheetsHTML other things will not be covered in the textbookScheduled lectures where there are readings There are online exercisesNOT a cumulative final exam Stuff covered in the midterm will not be covered in final examLectures will be posted on the website However they will only be summaries They will not be exactIf you need help with an assignment you can access TAs at a time and location TBAAlways use a Western account when sending an email to an instructorFirst exam for Comp Sci will be on Halloween Sunday at 2pm to 4pmRooms TBAFinal exam will occur during exam periodst1 Assignment will be on Word HTML XML One page flyer by Microsoft Word create a webpage with HTML XMLthOctober 6nd2 Assignment will be on Word and Excel Using both together thOctober 20 rd3 Assignment will be on Database design ER diagrams Access Creating tablesthNovember 17
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