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Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Vivi Tryphonopoulos

Sound What is Sound?  Sounds are pressure waves of air o Series of recurring waves called a waveform  Volume – the higher the wave, the louder the sound  Pitch or frequency – the closer together the waves, the higher the pitch  In a multimedia application, sound must be in a digital form (string of 0s and 1s) o Each dot in a wave represents one audio sample o To convert analog sounds to digital, thousands of samples are taken of the sounds waves and recorded as bits Where to Get Sound  CDs  Download from companies  Download from iTunes  Create your own sound o Recoding program that comes with a computers OS o Recording studio with equipment such as Digital Audio Tape (DAT) devices that record sound digitally o Electronic instruments such as synthesizers – connecting and instrument to a computer allows the sound to be captured in a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)  MIDI deals with music and synthesized sound, not voices or noise  Contains instructions for creating pitch, volume and duration of notes that sound like various musical instruments, the note being played, how hard it was played, etc.  Files are more compacts Sound Recordings  Computers have a sound card which converts the sound wave from a microphone (analog to digital), sound cards have: o Analog to Digital Converter for recording (ADC) o Digital to Analog Converter for playing audio (DAC) Quality of Digital Recording  Sample rate – number of samples taken in a second o Number of times/sec that the waveform is measured, 1000 samples per se
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