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Computer Science
Computer Science 1037A/B
Eric Schost

The University of Western OntarioDepartment of Computer ScienceComputer Science 1027b Midterm Exam Master March 10 20122 hoursPrint your nameStudent number InstructionsFill in your name and student number above immediatelyAnswer all the questions in the exam in the spaces providedYou have 2 hours to complete the examThe exam has 8 questions on 15 pages and is out of a possible 80 marksThe marks for each individual question are given Allow approximately 15 minute per mark on averageThere is a page for rough work at the end of the exam paperRead the questions carefullyDO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL DIRECTED TO DO SO1 max 152 max 53 max 104 max 155 max 106 max 107 max 108 max 5TOTAL max 80115 marks TrueFalse Circle your answersa1 mark If two object references are equal in state then they refer to the same objectTrueFalseb1 mark The time complexity of an algorithm consists of the most dominant term of its growth functionTrueFalsec1 mark Polymorphism allows a reference variable to point to objects of unrelated typesTrueFalse d1 mark Generic types are bound at compile timeTrueFalsee1 mark An interface can be used even when it is not implemented by another classTrueFalsef1 mark Data encapsulation requires that instance variables be declared as privateTrueFalsenOg1 mark A time complexity of for a program means that it will run in constant timeTrueFalseh1 mark Inherited variables and methods can be used in a derived class as if they had been declared locallyTrueFalse2
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