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Western University
Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1086F/G
Deana Schwarz

Planetary Facts Planet Satellites Satellite Facts Important Info. Earth Moon -natural satellite Density: 5.515 g/cc (densest in solar system) Venus No -Earth’s twin & neighbor satellites -Diameter: 12,104 km -Density: 5.24 g/cc -Rotation period: 243.01 days (retrograde) -Rotation speed: 6.52 km/h (VERY slow) Mars Phobos -Tidally locked to Mars -Diameter: 1/2 the size of -Closest natural satellite to Earth any planet -Density: 3.934 g/cc -Shaped like a flattened loaf (much lower than Earth) of bread -Rotation period: 1.026 -Parallel grooves (almost same as Earth) -Will eventually crash into -Axial tilt: 25.19 degrees Mars (almost same as Earth) -Largest crater is called “Stickney” -Possibly a captured satellite -Revolve in same direction as Mars, but smaller orbit so rotates faster Deimos -Tidally locked to Mars -Smaller -No grooves -Smoother due to thicker layer of dust on its surface (fills craters) -Possibly a captured satellite -Revolve in same direction as Mars Jupiter Io -Most volcanically active -Density: 1.326 g/cc body -Rotation period: 9.925 -Closest to Jupiter hours (VERY FAST) -Highest density of all 4 -Bulges at equator -Core of ion -Axial tilt: 3 degrees -Mantle similar to Earth (upright inclination) -No impact craters b/c -Has rings extremely volcanically active Europa -Significant liquid water ocean beneath its ice surfaces -Made of rock and metal -Surface icy with limited craters -Doesn’t have own magnetic field *Has biggest potential for life Ganymede -Has water “slush” ocean beneath a solid ice cover -Largest of Jupiter’s satellites -Made of silicate rock, water ice -Core is molten iron-rich -Has own magnetic field Callisto -Never chemically differentiated -Outermost of Jupiter’s satellites -Layer of liquid water beneath icy surface (heat comes from rad
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