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Western University
English 2033E
Michelle Hartley

February 27, 2014 Father figures pg. 250-52 Magistrate Mr. Mansfield pg. 51 Man’s description pg. 116 at the bottom Meg’s visit to Newgate pg. 145 Contrast – middle of newgate. One of the most famous and horrific prisons. Safe from the rain and can see the stars. Who does strange bird turn out to be? Father figures – strange old figure paternal or something with Smith too. He offers a degree of security, safety and fatherly advice to Smith. Smith’s lowest point – he has been betrayed. Feels powerless in the face of the false accusations of Mr. Billing and he has no power and no agency to respond in a way that anyone will believe. Hopelessness emphasizes the hopelessness of Smith’s class and yet there is possible agency. This old man has a certain degree of power. Even over, eventually, Mr. Billing himself. Some of the aid that the man offers Smith knows that Mr. Billing is a devil not a rat. Ability to mask his intentions makes him persuasive throughout the novel and Smith needs those father figures to help him. Smith looking old and tired and bitter, but just a child nevertheless. Garfield reinforces Smith’s vulnerability and innocence. Smith’s father figures have to depend on him even more than he needs to depend on them. Reciprocity in these relationships. Maybe not like that with Anne and Marilla in Anne of Green Gables. Smith and magistrate relationship – Blind man grabs his leg and Smith has to help him. Has the power of being an adult but Smith’s help is necessary. Is needed. Even though Mr. Mansfield betrays Smith he learns more about the world from Smith than he knew preciously. Told at various points, to the Magistrate, justice was the only fixed thing in the world. In his world of blindness, he clutches onto the idea of justice. Novels seems to suggest that far more important is affection and compassion and for Smith, loyalty despite all of his worldly knowledge, Smith’s finest moments are when he is capable of pit, emotion, loyalty,
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