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English 1022E Final Exam Notes

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English 1022E
David Bentley

ENGLISHFINALREVIEWNOTESCOMPLIATIONPoem Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti 1Brief Summary of TextTwo sisters Laura and Lizzie hear the sounds of the goblin fruit market from their house At first they try to ignore the enticing calls of the goblin men but eventually Laura decides to go out and see whats happening Lizzie warns her not to but Laura is too curious The goblin men offer her their fruit and Laura thinks it looks tasty She doesnt have any money but the goblins offer to take a piece of her golden hair instead So Laura gives up some of her hair gorges herself on goblin fruit and heads on home to her sisterAfter eating all that goblin fruit Laura starts to waste away Lizzie gets worried and decides to go down to the market The goblin men try to tempt her the way they tempted Laura but Lizzie stands firm The goblin men turn violent try to stuff fruit in Lizzies mouth abuse her but she squeezes her mouth shut and ends up getting juice all over herLizzie runs back to their house all covered in goblin fruit juice Laura kisses the juice off her sisters cheeks and is miraculously but painfully healed Years later Laura and Lizzie are both wives and mothers and they describe their experience in the goblin market to their own children as a cautionary tale about the importance of sisterly loveIts a poem about the dangers of the unknown unsuspecting childrengirls aits a right of passage poembexemplary talecrescue plot Thus goblins are super natural creatures and lure children innocent impressionable girls into destructiondangerSome critiques think it is a rewriting of the womens perspective of Paradise Lost in some sense Eating of fruit consequences redemption with loveCommonly compared texts in literature It is an autobiographical poemIt is also a struggle within Christina Rossetti Laura herself to counteract the temptationsThe meter and rhyme scheme are irregular in Goblin Market The poem generally follows an ABAB rhyme scheme but not alwaysChristinaunmarried women thus this poem is an erotic fantasyit is a weaponit is a fantasy of a Victorian unmarried women Feminist interpretationradical feminist view Rossiti was a closet lesbian2Main characters significance There is no firstperson narrator in Goblin Market like in many other poems Theres no I Instead theres an omniscient thirdperson narratorLauracurious easily led astrayLizziemore sensitive and more prudent Christlike figureshe saves her sister Laura from death Lizzies heroic feat proves that she is brave and selfless She is described as beautiful and has golden hair and is prudent Laura typical sinner rescued by her sisterthus LizzierescuerLaura Eve figurethe foolish sister who eats the goblin mens forbidden fruit She is curious and also has golden hair She falls into the temptation and needs the fruits juices again to survive Goblin Mendemonic creatures who sell tantalizing fruit They resemble cats rats snails unseemly creatures They are violent and force their wares upon Lizzie who does not fall into their trap Jeanieone of the girls friends who ate the goblin mens fruit and gradually pined away into nothingness Her story is told as a cautionary tale by Lizzie to Laura 3Major themes probably all are covered in class notes Sexual fantasy and erotic nature of their loveoFeminist interpretationradical feminist view Rossetti was a closet lesbianoLine 185 and following 2 girls in bed togetherclosenessLauralizziewho is who Deliberateshe wants to see an inseparable connectionsAnother interpretation its a sisterhoodwoman taking care of each other after each otheropg 2206 line 562 and followingothere is no friend like a sistersisters protect each otherAnything that covers religiousbiographicalerotic aspects of poem 2 contextso1 Social Context mid19 century Londonthere was a growing concern for inc prostitutes in the cityby 1860100000 prostitutes in city of 2 millionoRossetti In 1859she was working in St Marys Anglican Home was to rescue prostitutes from the streets and rehab them so they can eventually become wives and mothersoThis was a controversial thing for women to dobc Victorians believedany middle class nice girl associating herself with prostitute was making themselves open to diseaseand men couldnt deal with it bc they may get sexually involved with her no control over their sexualityBSo2 Personal Context oit makes a goblin of the sungoblingold coin oHorrible social context and womens circumstancesothis poem uses the fairy tail context as a means of presenting the rescue plota women recurring and redeeming another oneoGoblin represents the seductive power that surrounds the world of the 2 girlsoRossetti see it as a way that the Capitalist system preys on humans aspirational advertising of wanting things that you cant really afford Laurafruit Lizzie
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