Engineering Science 1036A/B Midterm Lecture Notes

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Engineering Science
Engineering Science 1036A/B
Quazi Rahman

Jan 6 Assignments due on Monday each week Quiz each week at the beginning of the lab (Material from assignment) Jan 20 – no quiz Jan 10 CPU:ALU + CU (+ Cache) Engineering Problem Solving Specification: Requirements, precise statement of what system will do, functional/IO/performance, and hardest problems. Design: Decompose system, find interfaces, and combine with algorithm (ordered sequence of instructions to get from input to output). (Input, validation, calculation, and display). Implementation: Identify platform, language, and IDE. Testing: Test code from different angles. Ensure implemntation meets requirements. Test plan must include steps followed, inputs, and outputs. Jan 15 <) • selects function needed • links them into executable (.exe) • Loader • loads executable into internal memory • executes programs, instruction by instruction IDE • includes editor, compiler, linker, and debugger Errors • Syntax: Grammatical • Runetime: operation occuring during execution is impossible • Logical: Program does not perform as expected • Linker Variables • memory spaces reserved • must be identified by a name, declared before it • size depends on type • names can contain • A-Z, a-z • 0-9 • $ and _ • cannot start with a digit • cannot be a reserved word • identifiers can be any length, but 31 or less ensures portability • int: 4 byte • float: 4 byte • double: 8 byte • char: 1 byte • bool: 1 byte • , means same data type • ; allows different data type • remember to initialize Operators • =:Assignment operator Jan 20 th • left hand sign of any assignment operator cannot contain an expression • methods of declaration • double radius = 1; • double radius (1); • when assigning value to char, use '' • literals : CONST •
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