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Environmental Science
Environmental Science 1021F/G
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Final Exam1What are the three main ways that humans negatively influence their environment provide an example for eachHumans negatively influence their environment by harvesting economically valuable biomass for use as food materials or medicine such as trees and hunted animals by causing toxicity through pollution for example by chemicals or excessive heat and by converting natural ecosystems into human ones such as agricultural industrial or urban landuses2Why are environmental issues harder to understand and predict than simple physical phenomenaSome natural phenomena especially physical ones are highly predictable but biological and ecological systems are highly complex and variable and so predictions about them may be inaccurate3Because of uncertainty many environmental issues are controversial Thus investigations should be objective and opinions should be founded on science facts and logic4Identify the fluxes of water between compartments in the following diagram of the hydrologic cycle by labeling the arrows 10 pts
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