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Geography 2010A/B
Suzanne Greaves

Canadas Physical BasePhysical Geography of CanadaFive Basic elements IncludeGeology Distinct regional patterns like their rocksPhysiography landforms A study of landfroms their underlying geology and the processes that shape these landformsClimate Major influence thats why it is in the order that it isVegetation is a bigger influence on the kind of soil than the other way aroundSoilGeologyThe earths surface features a variety of landforms Mountains plateaus and lowlandsBasic Termenology o Denudation Gradually wears down mountains by erosion and weathering constantly at work o WeatheringBreaking solid rocks into smaller particles o Moderation o Erosion Basis of transport by means of air ice or water to lower locations where they were deposited o Deposition The deposit of material on the earths surface by various processes such as ice water and wind Its constantly at work o Faulting A process that fractures the earths crust o Folding Bends and deforms the earths crusto Fault line Refers to a crack in the earths crusto Continental shift Plate tectonic or the movement of the earths crust which can result from folding and faulting of the earths crust 1 Rock types 1 Igneous cools from a molten state called magma molten material a Lava breaks out of the surface and when it cools it becomes igneous rock b It is very hard and very resistant to weathering and erosion and tends to contain minerals 2 Metamorphic application of extreme heat and pressure a Preexisting rock b Because of the extreme pressure and heat it changes its form c If limestone experiences metamorphicism it turns into stone marble d Also can be igneous or sedimentary once e Often produced when the earths crust is subjected to folding and faulting 3 Sedimentary Particles of preexisting rock a Through denudation weathering and erosion rocks are broken down and transported by water wind or ice and then deposited in a lake or sea They stay there then in time they harden Hardening occurs because of the pressure exerted by the weight of additional layers of sediments and because of chemical accumulation that cements the particles together b Weathering first then erosion c Only sedmentary rocks form in layrs strata d Known for their resource of fossil fuels Cant find fossil fuels where igneous or any type of rocks aree Darker ones are usually the more resistant to erosion and weathering2 Major elements of North America 1 Canadian Shield Igneous and metamorphica The core of the North American continent b Igneous and metamorphic is the oldest portion of this c Very geologically stable d FORMS THE HEART OF THE CONTINENT 2 Platform rocks Sedimentary Interior plains a Represent the interior plains of North America b ExIn southwestern Ontario the Prairesc Largely disturbed d SURROUNDS THE CANADIAN SHIELD 3 Folded belts Igneous and metamorphic mountains a The western mountains and the rocky mountains b Youngest mountain in the continent and are still growing c Being created by continental drift and crumpling up the edge of the sedimentary material and because of the pressure metamorphics occur d Ex Appalachian uplands on the east coast which are also folded mountains e Young ones on the west old ones on the east and middle ground is innuation mostly unknown f OUTSIDE THE PLATFORM ROCKS 4 Coastal plain In terms of geologic time is relatively recenta Made up of material that has been weathered and eroded by the Canadian shieldsb OUTSIDE THE PLATFORM ROCKS
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