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The Way Exam Notes

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Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

The Way ­ Thought the word morgue would be different in French but it was the same back home ­ People like to take the journey alone – passport was full of stamps ­ You walk the way for yourself, no one else ­ He starts off going the wrong way each time ­ Exploring on his own, through different paths ­ Asking for directions along the way ­ Shocked that other people speak English ­ Thinks that a bed and room are the same thing ­ Following the book exactly, isn’t taking any detours ­ Placing his ashes around the world ­ In Spain, they are always expecting guests and when he saidAmericans are there they start throwing food as a joke ­ Main character is Tom and son is Daniel ­ “No ipod, cell phone, technology to keep you connected” ­ Why are you traveling?- divorce, retired, etc. ­ Father’s want their son’s to be something different from what they want to be (ex. bull fighter and lawyer; doctor and travel) ­ Different cultures around the world ­ Tom is cancelling all of his appointments for the rest of the month to continue traveling ­ Tom dropped his backpack which had his whole life in it and ran into the river to get everything and because of this he had to sleep outdoors for the night alone- his son’s ashes were in the backpack ­ “What are your plans”- Tom says to finish as quick as possible ­ Seei
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