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Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

The Changing Face of Emergency Management2292012 82500 AMYou have to try and compare the content from the City of London Emergency Planning Lecture to what we have learnt and will learn from disasters and emergency planning in other contexts like India Bhopal disaster Soviet Union Chernobyl disaster and the United States Hurricane Katrina disasterTo what extent is the concept and understanding of social vulnerability at the centre of Londons emergency planning What are the various steps taken which prove that the city takes social vulnerability seriously Social Planning etc y London is the third best prepared city in Ontario y Emergency management programs o PreventionmitigationActions taken to eliminate or reduce the longterm risk to human life property and the environment from natural and technological hazards o PreparednessActions taken in advance of an emergency o ResponseActions taken immediately before during or directly after and emergency occurs o RecoveryActivity to return vital resources after an emergency y Responsible for leading managing and coordinating community emergency response and recovery activitiesCanada is a highly urbanized society To what extent is the role of cities important in disaster planning y Cities make the disaster planning procedures if they are unable to handle the disaster they ask for higher government to help y Anticipate risksprevent mitigate and prepare for them y Keep families and individuals safe y Undertake an effective and well coordinated response y Minimize disruption and maintain essential services y Provide prompt complete and accurate information y No longer sufficient to just have a disaster plan
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