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Geography 2152 FINAL EXAM Notes from Course Pack.docx

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Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

Geography Notes from Course Pack Final ExamChapter 1 pages 15 815 Chapter 2 pages 2730 3842 Chapter 6 entire chapter Chapter 8 only sections on adaptation pages 117122to be covered on the 30th of November Chapter 10 Entire chapter Chapter 13Not accounted for in the followingHighlighted Index Definitions Explanation and Examples Good points Chapter 1 Disasters tend to require human input to occur making few disasters be truly natural Vulnerability human input to disasters shown to arise from population economic and political factorsAs methods of dealing with the root cause of vulnerability localizing disaster risk reduction and living with risk are described in theory and applied in practice to warning systems and education toolsDefining Disasters Largescale disaster by the number of people affected by it and the extent of the geographic area involved either 1001000 people need to be adversely affected displaced injured or killed or the disasters adverse effects must cover 10 to 100 kmDisaster risk reduction explain the process by which root causes of disasters need to be identified and tackled The conceptual framework of elements considered with the possibilities to minimize vulnerabilities and disaster risks throughout a society to avoid prevention or to limit mitigation and preparedness the adverse impacts of hazards within the broad context of sustainable development2 pedantic points1 Each event representing a potential hazard must be separated from a disaster where causalities and or damage are witnessed a disaster adversely affects people so an environmental event that doesnt affect people is not a disaster Example a tornado must impact humans such as disrupting food supply or killing people to be considered a disaster If society is not considered then environmental events such as tornadoes floods and volcanic eruptions are considered to be disturbances2 The definition of a largescale disaster is not confined to disasters resulting from rapidonset relatively clearly define events such as earthquakes and cyclones disasters resulting form events that are more diffuse in space and time are also incorporated such as droughts and epidemicsConditions that become disastrous but with a less clear start and end are also included examples glaciations climate changeCatastrophic disasters can be identified as specific events and chronic disasters that still overwhelm a communitys ability to cope but are part of daily lifeexamples lowquality water supply energy overuse with dependence on nonrenewable supplies or inadequate waste management Creeping environmental changes or creeping environmental problems describe ongoing changes that overwhelm a communitys ability to cope example desertification salinization of water supplies sea level rise Disaster this definition is a political interpretation Chronic disasters lack of resources available to tackle outside interests that are exploiting local human and material resources with the nature of social systems Incompetence ignorance or corruption in failing to implement disaster risk reduction could be considered the disaster VS the actual tornado or flood actual event Largescale disasters are taken to mean both disaster events and disaster conditions Understanding the disaster continuum from events to conditions has both academic and practical value Do Natural Disasters Exist Natural Disaster refer to a disaster in which the hazard or event originates in the environment caused by nature or a natural state of affairsIn many belief systems deities often say natural disasters happen to punish humanity or assert power
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