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History 2301E Study Guide - Final Guide: Voting Rights Act Of 1965, Lists Of Landmark Court Decisions, Literacy Test

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HIS 2301E
Nina Reid- Maroney
Study Guide

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Key Civil Rights Legislation
Brown vs. Board of Education (1954)
o Landmark decision that allowed for desegregation of schools
1957- made it a federal crime to try to prevent a person from voting in a
federal election
Created the Civil Rights commission
Gideon vs. Wainwright (1963)
o Allowed for any accused individual to have the right to an attorney
o Before this case, an attorney would only be provided by the state if the
result of the case could be the death penalty
Civil Rights Act (1964)
o Voting- made it more difficult to use administrative devices or
literacy tests to bar African- Americans from voting
o Public Accommodations- barred discrimination on the basis of race,
colour, religion or nation of origin in restaurants, hotels, lunch
counters, gasoline stations, movie theaters, stadiums, arenas and
lodging houses with more than five rooms
o Schools- authorized the attorney general to bring suit to force the
desegregation of public schools
o Employment- outlawed discrimination in the hiring, firing, or paying
employees on the grounds of race, colour, religion, nation of origin or
o Federal funds- barred discrimination activity receiving federal
Twenty- fourth Amendment (1964)
o No poll taxes would be allowed in any state
Voting rights Act (1965)
o Finally ensured the intent of the 15th Amendment would be carried
out- no person could be denied the right to vote based on race
o Ended literacy tests and gave attorney general the right to intervene
on behalf of those who had been discriminated against
o Activists travel through South registering black voters
1968 Housing
o Housing- banned, by stages, discrimination in sale or rental of most
housing (excluding private owners who sell or rent their homes
without the services of a real estate broker)
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