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History 2403E Study Guide - Final Guide: Habsburg Netherlands, Geuzen, Calvinism

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HIS 2403E
Jeffrey Temple
Study Guide

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o William Prince of Orange
Chosen as representative of Dutch people
Warns Philip II but just angers him
Comparable to Henry IV of France
Very charismatic who interacted meaningfully with
nobility and common people
Converts to many different faiths
Not trustworthy religious convictions
Never makes bid for personal dictatorial power
Assassinated by hardline Catholic
Assassin was collecting bounty set by Philip II
o Warfare during the revolt
Sea Beggars- Dutch naval forces
Tried to cut off Spanish supply lines
Spanish road
Had to travel through France and Northern Italy
=Spanish could not properly provision or pay for their
very large army because this route was costly
Spanish unable to amass their army at full strength
Spanish difficulties paying troops
Dutch rebel army
Diverse group of people
Issues of cohesion
o The only thing uniting these rebels is their
hatred for Phillip II and beyond that there is little
that they agree on
Duke of Parma- Alexander Farnese
Brilliant military commander- specifically defending
southern Hapsburg Netherlands
Reached out to catholic leaders in rebellion by
appealing to their catholic sensibilities.
o Calls for these leaders to lay down their arms
and come back to Spanish rule
Promised the return of the status quo
Union of Arras (1578)
Walloon Provinces (10 southern provinces) agree to
return to Spanish Hapsburg rule
Resulted in a mass migration of Calvinists to united
provinces of the Netherlands
o The people who were leaving were the most
valuable members of society and bolstered the
northern Dutch economy while destroying the
southern Dutch economy
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