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History 2188A/B Midterm: history of pirates review

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Western University
History 2188A/B
Michael Dove

He was bound and chained and placed in an iron cage. John Gow was hung on a river bank overlooking the river Thames, this is referred to as hanged and gibbeted when the body is left in an iron cage for weeks and months which is a reminder that piracy will not be supported or allowed The Golden Age Three main periods: o Buccaneering (1650s1680s): French sailors in Jamaica attack Spanish colonies in the Caribbean and the eastern Pacific o Pirate Round (1690s 1700s): Pirates primarily from Bermuda and the Americas robbed ships from the Indian ocean and Red sea in search for prey o Post War of the Spanish Succession (1714 1720) or Queens ans war: End of the Seadog Era Sir John Hawkins died in 1595 Sir Francis Drake died in 1596 (both their efforts served to not allow the Spanish to be the sole colony to benefit from American riches) King Philip II of Spain died in 1598: Sent his troops to invade England Queen Elizabeth sted in 1603 King James the 1 signs a treaty which demonstrates a lengthy truce between England and Spain After about 19 years of war between England and Spain (major hostilities) comes to end after the death of Queen Elizabeth II Spain has allowed England to conduct some trading during the period of peace, the peace lasts till about 1625 The Dutch Netherlands Holland (main protagonists for the Spanish) Immerged as a maritime powerhouse Large fleets would operate under the Dutch state Dutch state closely controls their privateers which makes them a naval force The Dutch penetration into the Pacific following both the Portuguese and Spanish and set up their own trading companiessystem in the spice islands (east and west indies and the Caribbean) they begin to dominate these areas and they back it up with their sizable forces of privateers They begin to attack Spanish shipping on the Chilean coast in the Philippines In 1602 they found an east India company to secure trade monopoly with the east Indies Follow the route around Africa around the cape of Storms Secondary route around Cape Warren around south America which will give rise to a conflict with the Spanish By the 1620s the Dutch had officially become a major rival of the Spanish in the Caribbean= West Indies 80 years war= war between Dutch and Spanish 16071619 were considered as a time of peace however there were still some invasions While the Dutch had great success against the Spanish in the Caribbean and the Pacific, its the French who begin to pose a bigger threat Admiral Piet Heyn Hein Former privateer 15771629 He leads a Francis Drake like expedition in order to capture Bahia from the Portuguese in 1626 (he is successful and returns to Holland a hero): Capture and plunder of Bahia, Brazil, 1626
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