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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Health Science Notes Midterm Chapter 1 Health the overall condition of body or mind and the presence or absence of illness or injury seen as a resource as well as physical capabilities being physically mentally and socially well resource to reach these goals not just for sick people Wellness optimal health and vitality encompassing all the dimensions of wellbeing an individual construct an expanded idea of health the ability to live life fully with vitality and meaning determined by decisions that you make in your life not static goal but a dynamic process of change and growth Determinants of health twelve factors that influence the health of individuals and groups health and wellness are constantly changing and influencing one another Risk factor a condition that increases a persons chances of disease or injury Health promotion a process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health 7 Dimensions of Wellness 1 Physical includes not just your bodys overall condition and the absence of disease but also your fitness level and our ability to care for yourself health eating exercise learning about disease regular checkups etc influences quality of life personal sense of physical and mental health functional capacity and life expectancy2 Interpersonal and Social your ability to develop and maintain satisfying and supportive relationships also requires participating in and contributing to your community and society learning effective communication skills developing the capacity for intimacy and cultivating a social network 3 Mental and Intellectual requires an active mind because it detects problems finds solutions and directs behaviour they continue trying to learn new things and seek out and relish new experiences and challenges openness to new ideas critical thinking and learning new skills process and use information wisely 4 Occupational a sense of personal satisfaction derived from career development involves attaining a worklife balance 5 Emotional ability to understand and deal with your feelings involves attending to your own thoughts and feelings monitoring your reactions and identifying obstacles to emotional stability optimism trust selfesteem selfcontrol share feelings and finding solutions to emotional problems 6 Environmental the livability of your surroundings health of the planet violence pollution etc learning about and protecting yourself against such hazards involves taking action doing what you can 7 Spiritual to possess a set of guiding beliefs principles or values that give meaning and purpose to your life many people find meaning and purpose in their lives on their own through nature art meditation or good works capacity to love compassion forgiveness joy altruism and fulfilment resource to decrease personal stress some believe it to be care the core of wellness Infectious Disease a disease that can spread from person to person caused by microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses examples tuberculosis diphtheria influenza common cold HIV or AIDS SARS H1N1 Chronic Disease a disease that develops and continues over a long period such as heart disease cancer or stroke caused in part and sometimes by lifestyle factors Lifestyle choice a conscious behaviour that can increase or decrease a persons risk of disease or injury such behaviours include eating a healthy diet smoking exercising and othersEarly 1900s life expectancy men lived 588 years women lived 606 years o Life threats infectious diseases cholera spreads due to lack of clean water poor sewage removal living in close quarters unsanitary food preparation also a growing trade between countries moved diseases from one to another o Sources of infectious diseases soon discovered so it became easier to control spread of disease public health became important o Adoption of vaccinations and development of antibiotics allowed Western society to control the major causes of morbidity illness or disease and mortality death people began to expect that modern medicine could conquer any illness and in some ways this was trueCanada among highest life expectancy in the world life expectancy 20052007 men lived 78 years and women lived 83 years o Health threats chronic diseases cancer heart disease stroke many risk factors fall within the realm of a persons lifestyleo The best course of action is now prevention individuals have some control over whether they develop certain chronic diseases ex Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death followed by poor diet inactivity and alcohol use o The most health regions with higher life expectancy are in and west of OntarioLife expectancy increases areo Unemployment decreases o Level of education increases o Concentration of immigrants increases healthy immigrant effect The Integrated PanCanadian Healthy Living StrategyIts goal was to decrease chronic diseases by addressing risk factors and societal conditions that contribute to themThey sought a collaborative and coordinated approach to curbing our nations noncommunicable diseases by addressing their common preventable risk factors physical inactivity unhealthy diet and tobacco use and the underlying conditions in society that contribute to them including income employment education geographic isolation social exclusion etc
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