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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Shauna Burke

Movie SecondHand SmokeTobacco 452012 84200 AM Heather developed lung cancer from her workplace She worked to make smoke free environments for other peopleHeather had a good lifestyle but had some lumps on her neck and after a few weeks she went to the doctor she got a chest xray and discovered it was cancerHeather was dying from workers second hand smokingAfter 40 years she was retiring bc of her second hand smoke and rather than down sizing in home size she is planning her funeral At the age of 22 she developed her lung cancer and she is in the third stage cancer very advanced she had no symptomsTobaccoSmoking is most preventable cause of disease and premature death Every cigarette a person smokes reduces life by 11 minutesMore than 37 000 people die prematurely each year bc tobacco use Nicotine Addiction Dependence on psychoactive drug nicotine Nicotinea poisonous addictive substance found in tobacco and responsible for effects of tobaccoAddicted users need steady amount of nicotine in the bloodIf that amount decreases they experience withdrawal symptoms Nicotine addiction can start within few days or few cigarettesHealth Hazards of Cigarettes Negative effects on every organ of the body and decreases health Related to more than 2 dozen diseases and conditionsContain4000 chemicals at least 50 are carcinogen cancer causing or cocarcinogens and or irritate the tissues of the respiratory system Smoke contains carbon monoxide in concentrations 400x greater than safety threshold in workplaces
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