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6 biweekly labs (online), 3% each, drop lowest mark. Objectives: consider how psych factors affect individuals physical performance, consider how participation in s & e affects individuals" psych development & wellbeing. Overall, obtain an understanding through description, explanation, prediction of the behaviour and performance of individuals or groups in s & e. Performance: goal-directed behaviour for the purpose of short-term execution of a discrete task. Behavioural: behaviour of athletes is determined by the environment, e. g. sun in eyes, effect of sweat on grip. Psychophysiological: studies impact of physiological responses to activity on behaviour, e. g. feeling good after victory. Cognitive-behavioural: behaviour determined by ones" interpretation of both environment and cognition, e. g. opinion of the game, self-talk, impact of outlook on results. Crisis intervention -> slumpbusting ( lost mojo", in a rut, losing streak, etc) Performance enhancement -> improve performance; think better, play better. Prevention & treatment of injuries -> assist player w/psych feedback after injury (rehab)