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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2200F/G

InformationRevolutionPrivate Secrecy Ministero If you oppose go the government to go through your computers without a warrant you are ultimately supporting child pornographyNazi ohead of the SS and absorbed the gustoble into his domain and his job was to collect information on everyone also people in the party because you never know when that information may be usefulohad a card index of everyone finding out their political party affiliation and also to identitfy who the austian anorchaist or anyone against hitler and when hitler rolls into Austria anyone who opposed hitler was already shot or killed or sent to the campsDuring early 1800s with the industrial enginesoOne of the first engineers was Charles Babbage known as the father of computingoThat could handle large culcalations but never got off the blueprints and made into real lifeoThe difference engine would have 25000 parts andweigh 15 tons its a calculator oThe most famous revolutionary would be Alan Turing and the turing testoAsks can a machine convince us that it is human Turing says yesAnswers 9 objections1 Theological thought is the product of souls and souls are only given to humans not machines 2 Head in the sand the day will never come when it overpowers humans intelligence 3 Mathematicalcomputers just like math are incomplete and infurerur to humans thinking Turing There is no human being that can answer every question and know everything
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